Districts of the city

West point gray

Mostly middle class neighborhood. However it does have the “gay neighborhood” and is a very tolerant place for pretty much anyone. The Gay pride parade is held here every year.


Small houses and small parks. Some little specialty shops but not much else. There is a golf course and horseback riding facilities.


Rental neighborhood. On Broadway there are a lot of shops. Plus there are two beaches.

Arbutus Ridge

Greek neighborhood. Small Greek gang nothing big but still likes to cause trouble. this is an old neighborhood that has many older buildings.


small houses 41st street is a commercial district.


Warehouse and blackmarket district. The people that live here are not the kinds of neighbors your looking for. This is also home to the projects.

Shaunnesy Heights

Shaunnesy Heights is Vancouver’s Snob Hill. Anything rich, expensive and classy is here. Mansions, clubs, big name designers, even an air bar. This is the place for the rich and the famous.


Shopping. Tons of shopping. Oh, and Jews. tons of shopping and Jews. Not sure if there is a connection.


Airport, transportation and more warehouses. There really is not housing. Think industry but unlike fairveiw this is very active. Also there is a known red court pressesnce in this neighborhood.

Mount Pleasant

Mount Pleasant is a unique mix of homes, apartments and commercial and art space. Kinda a splattering of everything

South Cambie

Just like Mount Pleasant but with a children’s hospital and a women’s hospital. Not sure where men go………

Riley Park

Parks, secondhand shops, antique stores and curio shops plus the Vancouver baseball field.Bits n Pieces



West End

This is not your grandma’s neighborhood. Unless she is a gang member. Then she would fit right in. Guido Wang is king and can kill you a million ways past Sunday. Small shops, governmental housing and some beaches. There are hotels and industrial zoning too.


“Home to the Central Business District, a large shopping area and high-rise apartments, the downtown core is the hub of the city with over 500,000 people entering it everyday.” This is where most of the action happens. Bars, night clubs, Shady’s Bar Mr Brown’s Coffee and Head Shop tons of fun. Plus it is by Stanly Park soooo Farie fun too.

Downtown Eastside

Bad side of town. Like seriously. More gangs. tons of crime. Fun shit. Bamboo Garden Spa


poor. Lots of crime. Chinese people.

Gas Town


Mortal Terror .Sevaceri.