Alexsys Tallon

Alexsys is a Wizard of Nature, and is of Coast Salish Indian decent. She's very sweet, typically quiet, and smart.


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She was born, raised, and taught on an island off the coast of Richmond and Vancouver (west) She is of Coast Salish Indian decent, which is a tribe of Indian native to the area of Vancouver.

She was the favorite of her mother, her father and siblings not so much. She’s the youngest, with 2 sisters and her brother, the oldest, being ahead of her. She was the only one of them that showed superior ability for learning magics and understanding nature in the ways of her ancestors. Her mother took great pride in her daughter, sending her to legendary wizards on the coasts of their land they still owned and took great care of.

She left at the age of 12, and stayed out for several years, coming back to her tribe at the age of 19, only to find that her father and siblings were the new “political” group for her tribe. They immediately banned and outcast her to Vancouver, never again was she allowed to return to her beloved home. Her mother had the same fate, yet no one was able to tell Alexsys her mother’s exact location. She’s been looking for her ever since.

She’s now 24 years old, about 5’4” tall with black hair down to the middle of her back. Her eyes are black, fairly large, ableing her to see in dim light fairly easily. She’s pleasantly busty and fairly curvy, accentuating her curves mostly with the clothes she wears.

Alexsys Tallon

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