Dresden Files RPG….Tag That Aspect!

Not a lot to say as of yet. Just a friendly reminder to my players: you do not have to post things under your real name. Just use your player name instead. We will slowly learn who everyone is. wink

I uploaded everyone’s story in the Adventure Log. You can change what you wrote if you want (adding more, replacing content, etc.). Please do not change what other people wrote!

Also you can comment on people’s stories. This is a great place to start discussions.

via Eric/Saedar: I am working on implementing a game forum set up at Forumer. Not sure how this will work out but who knows. It is at http://mortalterror.49.forumer.com. It’s more or less active. You will need to register separately for the forum. You won’t get active right away. I’m limiting it to just this group so I have it set up (currently) so that I will have to approve your account registration. I hope you guys all enjoy the work we’ve been putting in here!

Mortal Terror

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