Mortal Terror

Masa’s Story

I Just Wanted a Foot Rub

Masa wanders into a strange looking natural spa in search of a good foot rub, a bit too much curiosity ends in Masa finding himself face to face with the “spa’s” proprietors…and she is not happy. Why does she know who Masa is? And why does she seem to wish for his untimely demise.

After being promptly kicked out of the “Spa” Masa finds himself fighting the “security guards”. He shows off some fancy sword moves and they decide getting cut up is a bad idea. As Masa turns around triumphantly, he trips over a drunk and disgruntled Cedric. He chases Masa off but not before Masa notices the sword at his waist.

Xander having heard about the spa had been for it casing it for a while so seeing Masa he decided to get to get him out to try to get some information out of him.

Alexsys’s Story

Sibling Rivalry

Around the outskirts of Vancouver random poaching/kidnapping of animals and people happen, resulting in death. Alexsys gets sent by her school master to see what the problem is…only to find her brother and sisters behind it all.

Eric runs into Alexsys while she is seeking information and volunteers a little muscle to put some werebear style hurt on her sibling’s thugs.

Unfortunately for them, certain higher powers in the paranormal world are supporting the poaching and murdering and other untoward acts occurring and they really don’t like interference, especially from a ballsy were-bear and a goody-two-shoes wizard girl. However the first attempt to eliminate them is foiled seemingly by accident, by a clumsy fool toting a katana.

Xander’s Story

Grandfather’s Gun

After a friend dies in a shootout Xander decided it was time to end. Show the gang rivals that we don’t mess around unfortunately the gang had a nasty surprise in store.

Alexsys helped him into the gang’s headquarters by discreetly showing him a secret way into the back. She left shortly after, not helping with the certain ambush.

A figure suddenly jumps from the shadows and pins Xander down. “oh wait, my bad” says a confused Cedric who clearly had the wrong guy. Cedric refuses to help Xander mumbling something about a stupid rule keeping him from killing people.

Cedric’s Story

Another Job

When the Autumn Court commands him to kill a certain goblin who physically threatens one of their members, a reluctant Cedric finds himself in the midst of a decades old feud on his way to get information at Shady’s bar.

Xander runs into Cedric who was worried about a new job he had. Turns out he was after a small time drug dealer. Pointing him the right direction saying “I’m not starting a war today”

In pursuing his goal Cedric comes across Eric who has been outwitted and captured in a Faerie bear trap. Cedric frees him and joins up some righteous ass kicking….errr….payback.

Eric’s Story

Friend Finder

When a ghost corners him in the locker room, Eric is asked to investigate a spiritual disturbance at a historical battle site. But what will happen when he finds the disturbance is being caused by an old friend?

While visiting a historical battle site, Masa notices a strangely tense disagreement between two people who both look as if they have seen a ghost. He decides to help out by trying to smooth out the situation…you know-make small talk, crack ghost jokes…

Alexsys comes upon two people at a historical site and tells them they’re in the wrong place and the one they’re at is specifically for tourists purposes only. She leads them both to the proper site, using her magicks to uncover secrets she didn’t even realize existed.


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