Eric Tanner

Eric is built like Hercules, with a warm and inviting smile. Until he changes into a bear, of course.


Eric Tanner (Ryan Perrin)

High Concept: Spiritual Were-Bear

Trouble: Dead people see me…

Other Aspects: Anyone wanna wrastle?!; Ruggedly Handsome; Ear to the door between Worlds; Fist of Nature; Brightest Cookie only because he’s alone

SKILLS (+30)

Alertness: Average (+1) Athletics: Superb (+5) Conviction: Good (+3) Endurance: Superb (+5) Fists: Good (+3) Intimidation: Great (+4) Investigation: Average (+1) Might: Great (+4) Presence: Fair (+2) Survival: Fair (+2)


Ghost Speaker [-1] Echoes of the Beast (Smell/Hearing) [-1] Beast Change, effecting: [-1] Inhuman Strength [-2] Supernatural Toughness [-4] The Catch: Silver [+3] Claws [-1] Human Form [+1]


Physical (+4): OOOO Mental (+4): OOOO Social (+3): OOO

Armor, Etc: Physical Stress becomes 4+4 when shape shifted.

Gain armor 2 when shape shifted.


Typical Skill Changes when shape shifted:

Superb: Fists, Endurance

Great: Might, Intimidation

Good: Athletics, Alertness

Fair: Survival, Presence

Average: Stealth, Investigation

Total Refresh Cost: -6


Eric is 6’3” and built thicker than some linebackers. He has a warm, booming laugh with a big smile. He has black, curly hair and has lightly tanned skin.

He sometimes comes off as less than brilliant but it would be better to say that he simply isn’t a very studious individual.

He lives in his family’s home in a lower-middle class neighborhood. It has been in his family for many years.

Early in his life, he might have come off as a typical jock-type. However, that could only be assumed by those who did not know him personally. He got along with most types and was a loyal friend, most of all to his best friend James.

Eric came into his powers around puberty, which was somewhat traumatic for him. One can imagine how much of a shock it would be to be practicing for tomorrow’s wrestling match when suddenly there is a 200-years-dead Native talking to you, asking for help.

After much therapy and support from James, he decided to talk to his grandfather about these changes. Much to Eric’s surprise, his grandfather wasn’t too terribly shocked by the revelation. It seems that the First Nation tribe that their family is distantly related to had legends about individuals who could assume the form of a bear and commune with spirits.

Over time, Eric grew much more comfortable with his abilities and began to take pride in them. However, all was not well. For some reason, James began to become jealous of Eric and his abilities, accusing him of “leaving their friendship behind” and “always trying to overshadow [James].” Despite Eric’s feelings and insistence to the contrary, the two grew apart and stopped talking to one another.

After high school, Eric started to take a more active approach to his abilities. Helping ghosts and spirits didn’t precisely pay the bills but he gained a huge amount of satisfaction from the work.

It was in one of these events that he re-familiarized himself with James after a number of years, though not in the way he may have hoped. James, somehow, had awakened to powers of his own. The details can be found by reading Eric’s Story. James got away but now Eric knows to keep his eyes open for his former friend.

Eric Tanner

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