Mortal Terror

Masa’s Story

I Just Wanted a Foot Rub

Masa wanders into a strange looking natural spa in search of a good foot rub, a bit too much curiosity ends in Masa finding himself face to face with the “spa’s” proprietors…and she is not happy. Why does she know who Masa is? And why does she seem to wish for his untimely demise.

After being promptly kicked out of the “Spa” Masa finds himself fighting the “security guards”. He shows off some fancy sword moves and they decide getting cut up is a bad idea. As Masa turns around triumphantly, he trips over a drunk and disgruntled Cedric. He chases Masa off but not before Masa notices the sword at his waist.

Xander having heard about the spa had been for it casing it for a while so seeing Masa he decided to get to get him out to try to get some information out of him.



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