Mortal Terror

Alexsys’s Story

Sibling Rivalry

Around the outskirts of Vancouver random poaching/kidnapping of animals and people happen, resulting in death. Alexsys gets sent by her school master to see what the problem is…only to find her brother and sisters behind it all.

Eric runs into Alexsys while she is seeking information and volunteers a little muscle to put some werebear style hurt on her sibling’s thugs.

Unfortunately for them, certain higher powers in the paranormal world are supporting the poaching and murdering and other untoward acts occurring and they really don’t like interference, especially from a ballsy were-bear and a goody-two-shoes wizard girl. However the first attempt to eliminate them is foiled seemingly by accident, by a clumsy fool toting a katana.


I added a plural to her “sisters” ‘cause she has 2 sisters and one brother ;)

Alexsys’s Story

Thanks for letting us know what you changed! It can be soooo confusing when you have to figure out who changed what.

Alexsys’s Story

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